Our Approach



ICONS Co. Ltd has adopted our own B.E.S.T. Methodology to guide customer engagement for solution proposals and deployment. BEST – Build, Extend, Strengthen, and Tune – incorporates an iterative process to optimize core I.T. infrastructure, while having a firm focus on the business objectives the infrastructure supports.

By applying the BEST approach, ICONS Co. Ltd. facilitates the following:


Create a clear understanding of the technical needs and business challenges that determine them, by encouraging transparent dialog to foster trust, all with the aim of advising on suitable solution options that benefit the customer first.


Aid with appropriate solution offerings suitable to the needs of the organization, with engaging support when and where needed, to ensure our customers continue to leverage value from their solution investments.


By continually providing insight into existing and emerging technologies, we help bolster and improve our customers’ business operations with appropriate information technology adoption.


Target robustness of the IT Infrastructure through a range of services designed to ensure optimal operation health and maximum return on investment.